Ladies and gentlemen I have officially finished the first huge chunk of my project for my fellowship!! It has been a long 10 weeks, very long. There were whole days when I would never even leave my apartment (the glamorous freelance life) or have any human contact at all. But it’s done and I’m so happyyyy.

The finished project is somewhere between a comic and a graphic novel (it’s about 50 pages so a long comic or a short graphic novel I supposed) but I will be posting it chapter by chapter on my website over the next 7 weeks (1 chapter per week). Now starts the journey of turning it into an animation which is going to be quite the experience but with everything already drawn and written it’s not so bad. I’ve gone through the planning phases of so many different projects and ideas and now that this has been completed a weight has been lifted.

My project is called How to Win a Race War and for now will only be featured online but I may offer print copies of it at some point (we shall see). To read it simply go to the tab that says “How to Win a Race War” and click “Chapter 1”. Really excited to finally put this out into the world, let me know what you think!

In the meantime, I’ll just be over here figuring life out or whatever it is 21 year olds do.tumblr_inline_orb83x4cU71tyih9i_540.gif




Hello There

New week new video! (I think Sundays are gonna be my post days because what better way to start you week then with a double dose of me 💁🏾)

This week has been painfully boring. I wake up, I do work (aka draw pictures), I walk around, I do more work (more pictures) – there are full days when I never leave my studio. I need an excuse to go on a trip somewhere fun and exciting (not that Richmond isn’t an absolute whoot but I need a change of scenery). I just discovered AirBnB (I know, I’m so late) and I want to be anywhere but here. Please, someone, hire me for something in another country and give me a reason to finally book a ticket (just putting it out there, Oslo and Reykjavik are currently at the top of my list)!!

I mean if I’m in my studio with no windows and no sense of time then I could be anywhere really – Iceland, Norway, Japan, Mars, Saturn, who knows! At least I’ll always have a free round-trip ticket to my imagination *sob* (please someone save me from mundane routine – pleaseeee).

Keep on keepin’ on